A typical day begins with Meditation and Yoga Asanas from 6 – 8 AM, followed by a buffet breakfast at our hotel and then ... many adventures! 
January 27, Monday -- Jetlag Recovery Day, for those who arrive early
Sleep heals
Lunch on your own: the hotel's three restaurants are all good!
Hatha Yoga Session:  4 PM 
5:30 PM Dinner at Chamiers 

Overnight in Chennai

January 28, Tuesday 
7 AM Meditation and Hatha Yoga 
Noon lunch in Vrindavan restaurant at Hotel
1 PM Welcoming, introductions and orientation 

Interfaith afternoon: 
Tomb of St. Thomas
Shridi Sai Baba Temple

Overnight in Chennai

January 29, Wednesday

6-8 AM Meditation and Hatha Yoga 
9 AM Ramakrishna Math 
Satsang with Swami Mahamedhanandaji
Kapaleeswaran Temple
Lunch at Mahamudra Restaurant (Isha Yoga) 
Rest at hotel
4 PM Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram 
Discussion with Mrs. Geeta Shankar

Overnight in Chennai

January 30, Thursday

6-7:00 AM Meditation/Hatha Yoga
8:30 AM Depart for Pondicherry (3 hours travel)
Noon Check into Athithi Hotel
Buffet lunch at hotel
Walking tour at 3 PM 
6 PM Hatha Yoga session

Overnight in Pondicherry

January 31, Friday  REST DAY AT BEACH RESORT

6 AM Meditation at Aurobindo Ashram
7 AM Hatha Yoga at hotel
10 AM Beach Resort for swimming, massage, and beach walks 
6-8 PM Second Hatha Session
Workshop on Meditation 
Overnight in Pondicherry

February 1, Saturday  

6-8 AM Meditation and Hatha Yoga9 AM Aurobindo Ashram andMeditation at Tombs of Sri Aurobindo and The MotherMuseum and discussion with Dr. SeidlichLunch at Ashram Dining HallShopping excursions8-9 PM Deep Relaxation and Meditation

Overnight in Pondicherry               

February 2, Sunday
6 AM Meditation and Hatha Yoga
9:30 AM depart for Auroville
Film and walk to Matru Mandhir
Discussion with Auroville resident
Noon Lunch at Auroville Restaurant
1 PM depart for Tiruvannamalai
Rajagiri fort en route
Check into Ramana Towers hotel
5 PM  Vedaparayana - Ramana Ashram
8-9 PM Deep Relaxation and Meditation in Yoga Hall at Hotel
Overnight in Thiruvannamalai

February 3, Monday

5:30 AM Meditation at Ramanashram 
6:30 AM Agni Hotra and Hatha Yoga in Yoga Hall with Sethupathy
9 AM Meditation in Virupaksha Guha 
11:15 AM Lunch at Ramanashram 
4 PM Ashram of Yogi Ram Surat Kumar 
6 PM Arunachaleeswaran Temple
8-9 PM Deep Relaxation and Meditation in Yoga Hall

Overnight in Thiruvannamalai


February 4, Tuesday

5:30 AM  Meditation at Ramanashram
6:30 AM Agni Hotra and Hatha Yoga 
9:30 AM Arunachala Village School
Noon Lunch at Athena Hotel
7 PM Puja at Arunachaleeswaram Temple
8-9 PM Meditation at Ramanashram
Overnight in Thiruvannamalai

February 5, Wednesday

4:30 AM "Girivellam" traditional walk around the Holy Mountain while chanting Gayatri Mantra
(1, 2 or 3 hours in length-your choice)
8:45 AM Departure for Coimbatore
(6-7 hrs travel time-sorry!)
Lunch in Salem en route
5-6:30 PM Hatha Yoga at IYI Coimbatore
7 PM Check into Ananya's Nest Hotel

Overnight in Coimbatore

February 6 Thursday 

6 AM Meditation, Agni Hotra and Hatha at the Yoga Thapovanam
9:30 AM Depart for Satchidananda Alayam, Birthplace of Sri Swami Satchidananda
Meditation at Indian LOTUS Shrine
Lunch at Anna Maya Restaurant
Darshan at Dhyana Lingam in Isha Yoga Ashram
Darshan and Meditation at Perur Temple
Overnight in Coimbatore

February 7, Friday 
6 AM Meditation, Agni Hotra & Hatha Yoga at Yoga Thapovanam                  
9:30 AM Satchidananda Jyothi Nikethan, the school founded by Swami Satchidananda
Lunch at school
5 PM Buffet dinner with IYI devotees
Satsang with Swami Maruthachalam

Overnight in Coimbatore
February 8, Travel day, Saturday

6 am Meditation and Hatha at Yoga  Thapovanam    
9 AM Depart for airport
11:30-2:30 Spice Jet Flight to New Delhi
3 PM Depart for Vrindavan
6 PM Check into Ananda Krishna Van Hotel
7 PM Harathi at Iskcon
8 PM Dinner at Iskcon Restaurant
Overnight in Vrindavan

February 9, Sunday

4-6 AM Optional Meditation with devotees at Iskcon 
6 AM Hatha Yoga 
8 AM Breakfast at Iskcon Restaurant
9 AM Darshan at Bihar Bhandar
10 AM depart for Agra (2 hour trip)
Check into Taj Resorts
Lunch and Rest
3 PM Visit Agra Fort with guide Mr. Amir

Overnight in Agra

February 10,Travel day, Monday

Sadhana, each on their own
7 AM Breakfast 
8 AM Divine experience of the Taj Mahal with Mr. Amir
11 AM Depart for Delhi
1 PM Akshardam Temple en route 
2 PM Lunch in airport
4:45-5:40 PM Indigo flight to Dehradun
Travel to Rishikesh
7 PM Check into Vasundhara Palace
Dine and walk along Ganga Ghats 

Overnight in Rishikesh

February 11, Tuesday

5:30 AM Meditation on the Ghats
6:30 AM Hatha Yoga 
8:30 AM Excursion to Haridwar, to include:
Hanuman Mandhir (Neem Karoli Baba Ashram)
Jain Temple
Tomb of Anandamayi Ma
Lunch at Invitation restaurant
5 PM Return to Rishikesh 
8:15 PM-9 PM Journaling, Deep Relaxaion and Meditation in Yoga Hall

Overnight in Rishikesh

February 12, Wednesday

5:30 AM Meditation on the ghats 
6:30 AM Hatha Yoga 
9 AM Meditation in Vashishta Guha
Ritual bathing in the Holy Ganges (optional-it's cold!)
Lunch at Ramana Garden
3 PM Meditation at Tapasya Kutir
4 PM Satsang with Swami Muktanandaji
8-9 PM Journaling, Deep Relaxation and Meditation at hotel

Overnight in Rishikesh

February 13, Thursday 

4:30 AM Puja at Vishwanath Mandhir
Offerings at tomb of Master Sivananda
7 AM Hatha Yoga 
10 AM Tour of Beatles Ashram
1 PM Farewell Luncheon and sharings
World Peace prayers at Ganges  
4:30 PM Depart for Airport in Dehradun
6:10 PM Flight to Delhi       

Good bye!  Bon Voyage! OM Shanti!


For a more detailed itinerary and more information about the tour please request the Tour Information Booklet by emailing:

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