This tour is lovingly dedicated to the great Yoga master, Sri Swami Satchidanandaji.  We strive to give our tour groups a taste of the India that he loved so much; the India that has birthed so many great saints.


Swami Divyananda lived in South India for eleven years and has led more than a dozen tour groups for Westerners plus many for Indians. She took sannyas (vows of renunciation) in l975 and served in the Integral Yoga Institute for 38 years, in all capacities from cook to president.  Sharing India with sincere souls is her favorite thing to do.

Mr. Duane Harpet  is the tour consultant.  He helps organize the tour materials and guides us through policy decisions.

Sethupathy helps us with all our tours and teaches the more advanced yoga sessions. He has an inexhaustible energy and a huge loving heart.

Yogeswari Vonderheide has six invisible arms with which she takes care of absolutely everything.  You are in safe hands as long as she is on board! This will be her fifth time to serve as tour staff as well as conducting classes and meditations.


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