The Sacred India Tour includes ashrams, temples, historic sites, and satsangs with  great spiritual teachers  -- it's a full immersion into the deep spirituality of an ancient culture!  In addition, your own practices will be enhanced and deepened through the daily practice of both meditation and hatha yoga.

Swami Divyananda, the tour leader, has led tours in India for twenty years plus she lived in South India for ten  years.  She definitely "knows the ropes" and will keep you safe and healthy as we travel from place to place.  

Divyanandaji is a disciple of Sri Swami Satchidanandaji, and therefore the itinerary follows the pathway of Swamiji's experiences as a young sadhu when he studied with Sri Aurobindo, Sri Ramana Maharshi and Master Sivanandaji.  We will visit and meditate in all of their ashrams and we will have the chance to visit Swamiji's birthplace and the institutions he founded in Coimbatore.  

However, being a devotee is not an expectation or requirement for participation.

Travel in India is a chance to experience a society founded on spiritual principles. Interactions with our Indian staff helps us to open our eyes to cultural differences, as they share their own perspectives on daily events.  They will also put us on the “inside track” for many of the quintessential Indian experiences.


Each day of the tour begins with meditation and a hatha yoga class. These sessions ensure that our energies stay high and that we are receptive to the countless blessings around us.  Among other things we will have the opportunity to meditate at the tombs of the apostle Saint Thomas, Master Sivanandaji, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Anandamayi Ma, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother -- and at the new LOTUS shrine in Coimbatore.

And yet ... please don't think that this will be a serious, ascetic tour. India is a panoramic feast of exotic, colorful sights, amazing history, and of course –- the best food in the world!  Plus there are always the Unexpected and Bizarre moments, which keep us marveling and laughing.

In order to keep the tour fees reasonable, we have chosen business-class AC hotels for the tour accommodations. We have visited each one to verify that it is clean, safe, and comfortable. All of them are equipped with Western toilets. 

Note:  Since this is a spiritual tour, complete abstention from meat, tobacco and alcohol are required throughout the program.

The tour fees are $2300.  The tour group size is limited to 18 persons. Registration details will be published to this website by June 10, 2018.
Our goal is for each member of the tour to return home permanently and deeply enriched. We're happy to report that each year our tour members depart with the words, "this was the trip of a lifetime!"


Meditation Retreat over New Years: This year, prior to the tour, we will offer a ten-day meditation retreat in Thiruvannamalai (December 28 to January 6).  Scroll to the top of this page, and click on the Meditation Retreat button on your left for the details.

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